Adding Fingerprint Identification to the G4 Doorbell Pro

Adding Fingerprint Identification to the G4 Doorbell Pro

The UniFi G4 Doorbell Pro is packed with innovative security capabilities. One potential feature that could take it to the next level is fingerprint identification.

Let's explore how fingerprint scanning could enhance this smart video doorbell.

What is G9 Doorbell Pro

The G4 Doorbell Pro already features crisp 5MP video, intelligent motion alerts, and sharp night vision. Fingerprint authentication would perfectly complement these capabilities. It offers a simple, convenient way to identify visitors.

How Fingerprint Scanning Could Work

A built-in fingerprint reader integrated seamlessly into the doorbell exterior would allow for identification. Visitors simply place their finger on the scanner. Their fingerprint is compared to a database and they are identified if a match is found.

Creating Fingerprint Profiles

Fingerprint profiles for family, friends, and frequent visitors could be added directly in the UniFi Protect app. Profiles are stored securely in the cloud or locally on the doorbell.

Visitor Notifications 

When an unrecognized fingerprint is scanned, the doorbell can notify you and share the captured image. You can view the visitor through the live video stream and decide whether to grant them access.

Customized Responses

Preset quick response messages tailored to recognized visitors could be automatically played through the speaker when a matched fingerprint is detected.

Benefits of Adding Fingerprint Identification

Fingerprint scanning offers a few advantages over traditional video doorbells.

1. Enhanced Security

Fingerprints provide reliable identification. This extra verification adds security and screening of visitors beyond just video footage.

2. Added Convenience

Visitors don't need to ring the bell or wait to be verified through the camera. Fingerprint authentication is quick and convenient.

3. Personalized Experience 

Customized messages for regular visitors like family members create a more welcoming and personalized experience.

4. Potential Challenges  

There are a few potential hurdles to implementing a fingerprint scanner:

5. Increased Costs

A fingerprint reader and associated hardware would increase costs compared to current video doorbell systems.

6. Visitor Acceptance

Some visitors may be hesitant to scan their fingerprints due to privacy concerns. Clear messaging about secure data practices is important.

7. Maintenance Needs

The scanner surface would need occasional cleaning and maintenance to keep it functioning properly.


Incorporating fingerprint identification could take the G4 Doorbell Pro's security and convenience to the next level. UniFi would need to carefully weigh the costs, technical complexity, and visitor acceptance to determine if this feature fits into their future product roadmap. But the possibilities are certainly intriguing. Fingerprint scanning remains an innovative concept for the smart home space.

What is fingerprint scanning with the G4 Doorbell Pro?

The G4 Doorbell Pro would have an integrated fingerprint reader that allows registered visitors to scan their fingerprint to identify themselves at your door.

How does it work?

Visitors simply place their finger on the scanner when they arrive. Their scanned fingerprint is compared to a database of profiles added in the app to identify them.

What happens when an unrecognized fingerprint is scanned?

If the fingerprint doesn't match any existing profiles, the doorbell will notify you of an unrecognized visitor and allow you to view them through the live video feed.

Can custom messages be set for recognized visitors?

Yes, you can preset customized audio greetings in the app that will automatically play when the doorbell recognizes a visitor's fingerprint.

How secure is the fingerprint data?

Fingerprint profiles would be encrypted and securely stored either locally on the doorbell or in the cloud. Data privacy and security would be a top priority.

Do visitors need to consent to fingerprint scanning?

Clear messaging would be needed to inform visitors about fingerprint scanning and obtain consent before adding their profiles. Participation would be optional.

What happens if the scanner stops working?

If technical issues occur, the doorbell would default back to standard video intercom functionality until the scanner can be repaired.

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